Aerial Yoga Flow

Studio Ascend Aerial Yoga Flow has deep roots in Unnata Aerial Yoga founded by Michelle Dortignac.

Like floor yoga you are guided through a sequence using a looped silk fabric (hammock) as a yoga prop that helps to take you to a higher level in your practice. The hammock helps you to balance and move into postures easily and effortlessly allowing for a fun but challenging practice.You’re able to deepen your practice  by allowing gravity to take over. The suspension allows one to experience  a deeper full body stretch, decompress the spine, align the body and strengthen your muscles. While increasing your energy/prana you are able to promote increased body awareness and experience and explore inversions and backbends without fear.

Must have taken Aerial Yoga at Studio Ascend previously or take the Intro to Aerial Yoga Workshop prior to registering for this class.

CAUTION: Physician consultation and caution is recommended for the following :

  • High Blood pressure
  • Pregnancy
  • Glaucoma / Cateracts
  • Arthritis in hands or feet
  • Open wounds
  • Contagious skin conditions

Attire: dress in layers and wear at least a quarter sleeved shirt so that your arms are slightly covered.  Please do not wear scented lotion or perfume. No metal jewelry or clothing that has metal attachments.